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Team Work and Teams

The practice of people working together in businesses has existed for hundreds of years; in fact businesses would not have grown without groups of people working towards common objectives.

Formulating an International Marketing Strategy

The country I have chosen to analyse and formulate a strategy for is the Czech Republic. I intend to use recent market data to show that there is the potential….

BMW 7 Series Marketing Mix

The BMW 7 series was launched in 2001, and gained a reputation as being targeted at the ‘yuppie’ market (Kiley and Stead, 2006)

Playstation 2 Marketing Analysis

Sony’s Playstation 2 introduced in 2000, has become the top of the line in the slim line playstation models engulfing 62% of the market share in its gaming domain.

Aetiology of Parkinsons Disease

This report aims to investigate the current knowledge of the aetiology of PD, by examining evidence in the literature.

Nurse prescribing by community nurses

Nurse prescribing began in earnest in 1994, and, since that time, the number and type of nurses who are professionally able, and legally allowed…

Lung Functions and Control of Breathing

The importance of oxygen for human body can neither be under nor over estimated and this ‘essential for life’ function of oxygen delivery to body cells.

Enoch Powell – Rivers of Blood

What impact has Enoch Powell’s speech had on British citizens, then and now, in relation to how we distinguish ourselves from immigrants?


The psychodynamic explanation for phobias assumes that abnormal behaviour such as phobias is the product of some form of inner conflict.

Socratic Questioning – Guided Discovery

The technique of Socratic questioning has been described by Padesky (1993) as involving four components. The first is using questions to uncover questions…

Marxist and Anarchist theories

Compare and contrast Marxist and Anarchist theories in relation to the welfare state and one public sector/ voluntary role.

Is Britain a Racist Society?

The many different ethnic groups in Britain and other industrialised countries are the result of immigration…

Modernisation theory

Modernisation theory is typically a Western phenomenon; its roots obviously must lie around capitalist society whereby the developing world is to be a mirror image…