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Impact of Primary Care Trusts

Primary CareTrusts (PCTs) were established under the Health Act (1999) to give life to the reform and by 2002 had become the leading NHS body responsible for managing local NHS services.

Suicide and Mental Health

According to a recent WHO report, about 450 million people are affected by mental, neurological and behavioural problems in their lives.

Unified Communications for Healthcare

Unified communications for healthcare should aim to bring together several disparate strands of the overall information flow.

HRM – Diversity in the Workforce

One of the most obvious and commonly cited issues in terms of managing diversity is the encouragement of women (and specifically mothers) to return to work on a flexible basis.

Effective Communications Skills in HRM

Critically analyse the importance of effective communication skills in relation to the practice of Human Resource Management.

Bill of Rights of 1689

The Bill of Rights of 1689 affirmed that the monarchy was subject to the law. Not only was the Crown therefore forced to govern through Parliament…

Breach of Confidence

Breach of Confidence is a developing area of the law, the boundaries of which are not immutable but may change to reflect changes in society…

The Hague Convention – 13(1)(b)

The Hague Convention on International Child abduction and the ‘grave risk of harm’ exception under article 13(1)(b) – Discuss

Impact of the Human Rights Act 1998

Assess the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998, incorporating the European Convention on Human Rights, on UK citizens.

Concept of Parliamentary Sovereignty

The concept of parliamentary sovereignty is widely considered to be the central concept for the British constitution.

Powers of the Sovereign

Under the (unwritten) constitution of the United Kingdom, all actions of government are undertaken in the name of the Crown.

Three questions on contract law

Both misrepresentation and mistake regulate the consequences of reliance in the formation of a contract upon false information..

Role of Expert Witnesses

Traditionally, the role of expert witnesses was to supplement the court’s common knowledge with any helpful information

Glass Ceilings – Sticky Floors

The terms glass ceilings and sticky floors both refer to the experience of women in the labour market.


Whirlway is about to usher in a change in their management team. Like all changes the pro and cons of bringing in fresh blood versus rewarding loyal employees is a conflict faced by Whirlway.